An introduction to monomania a pathological obsession

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An Introduction to Compulsive Gambling

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Idée fixe (psychology)

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The Madness Of Keyword Monomania: The Pathological Obsession With A Single Keyword

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"Obsession provides an insightful and nuanced review of the history of this tragic illness by exposing obsessive behaviour and contrasting it with the common, mildly obsessive behaviours we all engage in.

The question of difference, and thus definition, is a recurring motif. "Monomania is a rich and compelling study of an often misunderstood condition. Marina van Zuylen's interest lies in analyzing monomania as an all-too-common yearning for absolutes that transcends the nineteenth century and permeates literature, art, and life even today.

Apr 20,  · Video shows what monomania means. Excessive interest or concentration on a singular object or subject. A pathological obsession with one person, thing or idea.

Her desire for marriage then acquired an intensity which bordered on monomania, for she saw plainly that all chance of progeny was about to escape her; and the thing which in her celestial ignorance she desired above all things was the possession of children.

An Introduction to Compulsive Gambling

The initial introduction of the term idée fixe, according to intellectual historian Jan E. Goldstein, was as a medical term around in connection with monomania. Monomania is a state of madness, or derangement of the mind, with respect to one subject only.

Homicidal mania is an insane impulse to kill; pyromania is an insane impulse to burn buildings; and kleptomania is an insane impulse to steal.

An introduction to monomania a pathological obsession
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Monomania, The Flight from Everyday Life in Literature and Art