An introduction to the faith community hospital

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Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf Introduces Faith Community Nursing Program

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Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital improves Atlanta's health with diabetes prevention program

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Henry Ford Macomb Faith Community Nursing Network

community, remain fully accountable to their faith community, and continue in the chaplaincy only through the ongoing endorsement of their faith community.

Criteria for endorsement vary by community, faith tradition, and work setting. Information about Union Hospital and all of its services available to the community is available on the hospital website at, and on the hospital’s pages on Facebook and. Factors That Lead To Hospital Readmissions and Interventions that Reduce Them: Moving Toward a Faith Community Nursing Intervention Introduction.

Through partnership with the FCNN, congregations are led to a successful health ministry by Faith Community Nurse-designed, Internet-based documentation, web communication, policies and procedures and health projects such as classes, grant projects, support groups and fairs.

Hospital and surgery costs vary widely depending on where the hospital is located and whether the patient has insurance. See how Faith Community Hospital compares to similar Hospitals below: Hospital Wise Regional Health System.

Faith Community Health

Decatur, TX. Rate this Hospital! View Profile. Hospital Weatherford Regional Medical Center. Weatherford, TX. Rate this Hospital! View Profile.

Addressing Community Health Needs

Hospital Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle. Azle, TX.

An introduction to the faith community hospital
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