An introduction to the history and geography of vietnam

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Northeast Vietnam introduction

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A Historical Introduction. Although the history of any region is the product of a complex mix of culture and circumstance, in many ways, for Vietnam, geography is destiny.

Northeast Vietnam introduction

To understand Vietnam's history it is imperative to have aclear picture of the land and the region. However, Vietnam has more than 1, years of recorded history, and it is much more interesting than just the events of the midth century.

Vietnam's people and economy were devastated by the process of decolonization and decades of war, but today, the country is well on its way to recovery. Geography of Northeast Vietnam is characterized by complex topography.

In the west, there are high mountain chains stretching from northwest to southeast, especially Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range with over meter Fansipan Mount that is the boundary between Northwest and Northwest in Northern Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country located in Southeastern Asia bordering the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the South China Sea. Neighboring countries include Cambodia, China, and Laos.

The geography consists of hills and densely forested mountains in the northwest. The government system is a. GEOGRAPHY. Vietnam is a long, narrow nation shaped like the letter is in Southeast Asia on the eastern edge of the peninsula known as Indochina.

Vietnam visa like to introduce you about Vietnam country dear to us. Vietnam's country and people friendly hospitality.

Vietnam Introduction. Vietnam has a population of more than 90 million people, comprised of 54 different ethnic groups that possess historically .

An introduction to the history and geography of vietnam
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An Introduction to Vietnam