An introduction to the tourist trip to north korea

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Travel blogger reveals what it’s really like to be a tourist in North Korea

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North Korea travel rule book: How to be an obedient tourist in the hostile nation

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Thinking about taking a trip to North Korea? Here's what it's like to be an American tourist in Pyongyang. 'You would have to be a lunatic': Tourists to North Korea describe risks and rewards Some visitors to the country have dismissed claims that. Still, Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, is embracing tourism, following a six-month ban on any foreign visitors last year (for fear they might carry the Ebola virus).

North Korea, is a country in East Asia, in the northern part of the Korean ncmlittleton.comang is both the nation's capital as well as its largest city.

To the north and northwest the country is bordered by China and by Russia along the Amnok (known as the Yalu in China) and Tumen rivers. North Korea Tours. The country North Korea is safe and legal to visit - if you want to go to North Korea, we'll make it possible. A visit to North Korea offers a glimpse of the world's most isolated nation, where the internet and much of the 21st century remain relatively unknown, and millions live their lives in the shadow of an all-encompassing personality compromises required to travel here are significant.

An introduction to the tourist trip to north korea
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